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T6: Next-Generation Broadband Networks

Presenter: Benny Bing, Georgia Institute of Technology


This tutorial focuses on broadband wireless access, emerging wireless LAN technologies, and next-generation video transport. The first part of the tutorial will cover key standards including 802.16 (Wi-Max), 3G/4G/LTE, mobile digital TV broadcast, and 802.22 (wireless regional area network) with emphasis on the 802.16 standard. Key 802.16 topics include frequency bands; physical layer transmission; adaptive modulation and coding; OFDM, OFDMA, and subcarrier allocation; multiple antenna systems; medium access control, duplexing, and frame formats; service flows and scheduling types; mobility support; WiMax Forum; and ongoing 802.16 projects. The second part of the tutorial will cover emerging 802.11 standards and amendments; 802.11n physical layer transmission and medium access control; 802.11k radio resource measurements; 802.11s mesh networks; 802.11/cellular interworking; and new applications. The final part of the tutorial will cover the H.264 AVC packetization architecture; H.264 loss resilience and error containment; video quality assessment; bandwidth prediction; video smoothing and multiplexing; real-time transport protocols; link quality measurement; optimized video transmission framework; policy-based bandwidth management; and peer-to-peer video network transport.


Dr. Benny Bing is a research faculty member with the School of ECE at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has published over 60 technical papers and 10 books. In early 2000, his book on wireless LANs was adopted by Cisco Systems to launch Cisco’s first wireless product, the Aironet Wi-Fi product. He was subsequently invited by Qualcomm and the Office of Information Technology to conduct customized Wi-Fi courses. He is an editor for the IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine. He has guest edited for the IEEE Communications Magazine (2 issues) and the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas on Communications. In October 2003, he was invited by the National Science Foundation to participate in a workshop on Residential Broadband. Three of his IEEE online tutorials are all sponsored by industry. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and an IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Lecturer.