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Michael Devetsikiotis, Workshops Chair

We invite the submission of proposals for workshops. According to Communication Society guidelines, workshops should emphasize current topics of particular interest, and should include a mix of regular papers, invited presentations, and panels, while in general promoting the participation of attendees in active discussion.

The Workshops Chair will be the single point of contact with the IEEE/ComSoc and the IEEE GLOBECOM TPC.  ComSoc will prepare hard copies of articles/abstracts for local distribution at the workshop. Publication of regular, peer-reviewed articles on IEEE Xplore is also possible. However, workshop organizers should declare their intention for Xplore publication early and closely coordinate with the Workshops Chair, since publication deadlines need to be followed.

Each workshop proposal must include:
1. Title of the workshop
2. Length of the workshop: Half-day, Full-day
3. Names, addresses, and a short bio (up to 200 words) of the organizers
4. A brief description (up to 1 page) of the technical issues that the workshop will address, and the reasons why the workshop is of interest of Globecom 2008
5. Names of potential participants, such as program committee members and invited speakers
6. Planned format of the workshop, such as number of refereed papers, hot topic sessions, keynotes, panels etc.
7. If appropriate, a description of past versions of the workshop, including number of submitted and accepted papers, number of attendees, etc.
8. A description of the publicity and promotion plan
9. A description of the publication plan and time line (hard copy versus CD, Xplore or not)
10. A draft call for papers
11. The workshop website address (if available at the time of the proposal - will be required later if the workshop proposal is accepted)

Workshop proposals should be submitted on EDAS, no later than March 1, 2008, with notification of acceptance by 1 April 2008. No email submissions please. Instead use EDAS, go to the "GC'08 Workshops" sub-conference and submit to the track on "IEEE GLOBECOM 2008 Workshop Proposals". EDAS will also have to be used eventually for workshop paper submission and reviews. Any questions or preliminary ideas should be sent to the GC 2008 Workshops Chair, Michael Devetsikiotis, mdevets@ncsu.edu. All proposals will be reviewed against the criteria and guidelines described above. Please note that final decisions on accepting workshop proposals will also reflect space limitations at the conference venue.