Wednesday 3 December 2008
10:00 - 12:00
Location: Grand Ballroom D/First Level

The Road to The Future

Find yourself in a perplexing situation in your early career? Feel strong need for direction and guidance to facilitate decision? Come join us in the IEEE Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) Panel in IEEE GLOBECOM 2008 at New Orleans!

Founded in 1996, GOLD aims to help young professionals make a smooth transition from being a student to entering the professional world. The GOLD Panel Session at IEEE GLOBECOM 2008 will bring together world-renowned scholars, researchers, practitioners, and business leaders from academia, industry, and government to discuss issues of interest to both students and young professionals who are in their early stages of career planning. Each panelist will give a short presentation, and a Question & Answer section will follow. Come along to share your ideas. You will enjoy it! Admission is Free!


Prof. Vincent Chan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Prof. Andrea Goldsmith
Stanford University
Joseph T. Massey, Jr.
JTM Associates, Inc.
Tim Holliday
Goldman Sachs

Kevin Yu

Joseph Soriaga

Organizing Committee

Ying Jun (Angela) Zhang

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Shuguang (Robert) Cui
Texas A&M University

Jeffry Handal
Louisiana State University