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T19: Indoor Geolocation Systems

Presenter: Ilir Progri, Giftet Inc.


The goal of this course is (1) to introduce pseudolite geolocation systems; (2) to classify the state of the art geolocation systems; (3) to identify the issues with the state of the art indoor geolocation systems; and (4) to propose and assess three Giftet Inc. pseudolite indoor geolocation systems.  It is assessed that the current GPS and GLONASS signal structures are inadequate to overcome two main design concerns; namely, (1) the near-far effect and (2) the multipath effect.  We propose three Giftet Inc. indoor geolocation systems as alternative solutions to near-far and multipath effects which are (1) C-CDMA, (2) OFDMA, and (3) MC-CDMA pseudolite indoor geolocation systems.  Each system is researched, discussed, and analyzed based on its principle of operation, its transmitter, the indoor channel, and its receiver design and issues associated with obtaining an observable to achieve indoor navigation.  Our assessment of these systems concludes the following.

First, a C-CDMA indoor geolocation system is a potential candidate for indoor positioning, with data rate up to 3.2 KBPS, pseudorange error, less than to 2 m and phase error less than 5 mm and overall to provide centimeter level position and velocity accuracy 99.9% of the time. Second, an OFDMA indoor geolocation system is another potential candidate with a totally different signal structure than the C-CDMA indoor geolocation systems.  Third, a MC-CDMA indoor geolocation system is a potential candidate to achieve centimeter level position and velocity performance accuracy 99.999% of the time and data rate up to 5 MBPS.


Dr. Ilir F. Progri is a leading authority in GPS/GNSS/Wireless Communications in all aspects of signal specifications, simulation, software development, and implementation of significant new capabilities in GPS/GNSS/Wireless Communications and indoor geolocation systems. As principle investigator, Ilir has led research and development engineering projects for over eleven years. He has over fifty five published papers and one patent in all aspects of geolocation systems. Ilir has received over thirty five citations from experts, researchers, and scientists of US, Canada, Australia, UK, Finland, France, Germany, China, Korea, etc.

Dr. Ilir F. Progri is currently the Permanent Chairman of the Board of Directors and the President and CEO of Giftet Inc. Ilir received the 2008 Presidential Who's Who Award recognized among business and professional achievers. Ilir is also the recipient of the 2008 Strathmore's Who's Who Outstanding Professional of the Year Award in recognition of leadership, performance and achievement in Wireless Communications. Ilir received the 2008 Electrical Engineering America's Registry Outstanding Professional Award. Ilir is also the 2008 IEEE Los Angeles Council Vice-Chair. Dr. Progri was the Program Co-Chair for WTS 2006 and 2005. Ilir is a Senior Member of the IEEE, Com Soc, and AESS, an Associate Fellow Member of RIN and a Member of ION and AIG. He received his Ph.D. and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from WPI, Worcester, Massachusetts in May 2003 and in May 1997 respectively. He received his Diploma of Engineer Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Tirana (PUT), Albania in July 1994.