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  • Tutorial Proposal: 1 May 2008
  • Registration Opens: 27 June 2008
  • Notification: 28 June 2008
  • Camera-Ready: 15 August 2008
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Wireless Communications Symposium

Dennis Goeckel, University of Massachusetts,
Brian Hughes, North Carolina State University,
Zhengdao Wang, Iowa State University,
Xi Zhang, Texas A&M University,
Luc Deneire, University of Nice,
Ranjan Mallik, Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi,

The ongoing goal of providing enhanced information services seamlessly and ubiquitously continues to drive wireless communications from both government and commercial perspectives.  This makes wireless communications not only a very vibrant area of research but also one of significant societal impact. Thus, both theoretical studies and practical techniques that promise to improve the performance of wireless networks are of extreme interest. The symposium will focus on such studies and techniques that reside at the physical layer (PHY) and combinations of the PHY with higher layers (i.e. cross-layer design).   

Topics of Interest
1.  Wireless Communications and Enabling Technologies
•  Cognitive Radio and Software Defined Radio
•  Relay Assisted and Cooperative Communications
•  Ultra-wideband Communications (UWB)
•  MIMO and Multi-antenna Communications
•  Space-time Coding and Processing
•  OFDM and Multi-carrier Systems
•  Smart Antennas
•  CDMA, TDMA, FDMA Air interfaces
•  Detection and Estimation
•  Adaptive Modulation
•  Fading Channels
•  Propagation, Antennas and channel Characterization
•  Diversity Techniques and Equalization
•  Synchronization
•  Modulation and Coding
•  Multi-user Detection, Signal Separation and Interference Rejection
•  Joint Source-channel Coding for Wireless Communications
•  Channel Capacity and Network Information Theory
•  Power Control Agorithms
•  DSP Applications to Wireless Systems
•  Satellite Communications
2.  Cross-layer Design and Physical-layer-based Network Issues
•  Cross-layer Design
•  Network Coding
•  Wireless security
•  Opportunistic Scheduling
•  Wireless Multi-casting
•  Wireless Service Discovery
•  Mobility and Localization Techniques
•  Hybrid Wireless Communication Systems
•  DVB and DAB Techniques
•  Cellular Networks
•  Coexistence in Unlicensed Spectra
•  Resource Allocation and Interference Management
•  Fixed Wireless Broadband Data Systems
•  Wireless Video
•  Bluetooth Technologies and Applications
•  Spectrum Efficiency and Issues
•  Wireless System Optimization Techniques
•  Wireless Multimedia
•  Multiple Access Techniques