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  • Tutorial Proposal: 1 May 2008
  • Registration Opens: 27 June 2008
  • Notification: 28 June 2008
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• Other Selected Areas in Communications

Bruce Wilson, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies,
Henry Pfister, Texas A&M University,
Mario Marchese, University of Genoa,
Andrea Tonello, Universita' di Udine,
Honggang Zhang, CREATE-NET,

The IEEE GC 2008 Symposium on Selected Areas in Communications will include topics related to all aspects of communications, which are not covered under the individual symposia. Tentative topics are suggested below.

Topics of Interest

1.  Satellite and Space Communications

Air Interface over Satellite Networks
• Adaptive Coding Modulation for Satellite Communication Networks
• Fading Countermeasures over Satellite Networks
• Satellite Channel Management
• Power and Bandwidth Allocation Solutions over Satellite Networks
• Emerging Standards: DVB-S2, DVB-RCS, IP over Satellite
Internetworking, Architecture, Protocols and Applications in Satellite Networks
• PEP Architectures and Solutions
• QoS-oriented Solutions for DVB-S2, DVB-RCS, IP over Satellite
• Satellite Dependent (SD) and Satellite Independent (SI) Solutions and Interfaces
   in Satellite


• Satellite Gateways Optimization Algorithms
• Security in Satellite and Hybrid Networks
• New Protocols for Delay Tolerant Networks
• Deep-space Communication
Control and Algorithms for Satellite Networks
• Satellite Network Control and Management
• Control Architectures and Algorithms for Satellite and Heterogeneous Internetworking
• Control Schemes for Resource Allocation over Satellite Channels

2.  Emerging Technologies for Access and Home Networks

Power Line Communications
• Channel Measurements and Modeling
• Electromagnetic Compatibility
• Modulation and Coding Techniques
• Multicarrier, OFDM and Spread Spectrum Techniques
• Information and Communication Theory for PLC
• Multiple Access, Signal Processing, Detection Techniques
Multimedia Transmission and Signal Processing
Modem and LSI Design
Networks and Protocols
System Architectures
Access and In-Home PLC System
In-Vehicle Power Line Networks
AMR and Utility Applications
PLC Command and Control
Co-existence and Interoperability
Security in PLC
Emerging Technologies, Applications, and Services
Experimental Systems and Field Trials
Standards and Regulations

Emerging Techologies for Wireless, Optical, Copper Access and Home Networks
Wireless Local Loop
WiFi, WiMax Networks
Broadband Wireless Access and In-Home Networks
Hybrid Wireless-wired LANs
FTTx and PON Technologies, Fiber to the Home, Premise, Curb, Desktop
Free Space Optic LAN-PAN Systems
Access over Fiber, Copper Cable and Hybrid Network Architectures
Long-reach Ethernet over Copper
xDSL and Dynamic Spectrum Management

Emerging Technologies, Systems, and Applications
Home Networks: Technologies, Protocols, Management and Applications
Networked Appliances In-Home Networks
Residential Gateways, Municipal and Community Networks
Pervasive Access
Emerging Standards and Pproposals
System Modeling and Performance Evaluation
Demonstrators and Experimental Trials
Regulatory Issues, Unbundling of the Access Network
3.  Data Storage

Identification and Modeling of the Data Storage Systems as communications Channels
Media Noise Characterization and Modeling
Mitigating Nonlinear Effects (write precompensation and read nonlinearity correction)
Detection Methods
Modulation Codes
Distance Enhancing Codes Suitable for Iterative Decoding
Error-correcting Codes, Trellis Coding, and Turbo Codes
Systems of Concatenated Codes
Combined Equalization and Coding
Equalization, Filtering, and Detection, including Methods applicable to Channels with
   Data-dependent Noise and Nonlinearities
Circuit Designs for Read/Write Channel Electronics and Coding
Architectures for Iterative Decoding on Data Storage Channels
Timing Recovery, Gain Recovery, and DC Restore Loops
Detection, Signal Processing, and Coding of Servo Information
Coding Bounds, Density, and Channel Capacity
Data Compression for Digital Storage, including Audio and Video
Multiple-head Systems
Signal Processing for Optical Storage Systems
Signal Processing and Coding for Emerging Data Storage Technologies, including
   HolographicRecording, Probe Storage and Multi-level Optical Recording
Cost versus Performance Issues surrounding Design of Storage Systems
Hard Decision Error Control Codes for Storage including Coding for Disk Arrays
Special Issues surrounding Signal Processing and Coding for Removable Storage
   Devices Storage Area Networks

4. Cognitive Radio and Networks
Spectrum policy reform and regulatory issues
Standardization efforts (e.g., IEEE 802.22, IEEE SCC 41)
Spectrum etiquettes for dynamic spectrum access
Inter-operability and co-existence of diverse wireless networks
Fundamental performance limits of cognitive networks
Platforms to implement cognitive networks (e.g., software definedradios)
Cognitive MAC, routing and application layer protocols
Distributed detection of spectrum holes
Coding for QoS support in cognitive radio
Simulation and modeling of adaptive wireless networks
Security issues in secondary spectrum sharing
Spectrum markets
Applications of cognitive radio and networks (e.g., emergencynetworks)

 5. Other related technologies

Papers addressing communications issues not directly addressed in any of the ten
   named symposia will be considered.